Candidate FAQs

Do you only work in the banking industry?
Yes, we are specialists in the banking industry. This helps us to be experts in specific verticals, namely Commercial and Corporate lending, Treasury Management and Wealth Management/Private Banking.
Is having a specialty market important?
Yes, working with a search consultant who has the industry specific expertise to understand what you do and has the industry contacts you need should be your top priority.

Be cautious about a recruiter who says they handle all industries. This person is spread way too thin and could not possibly have the focus or the contacts in your industry to do you justice.
Does my recruiter need to be local?
No, in fact, some of your best choices could live hundreds or thousands of miles away from you.
What does it cost me to utilize your service on my job search?
Stone & Associates fees are paid 100% by the employer/client. Once our client/employer has extended an offer of acceptance to the candidate and the candidate begins employment, we invoice the employer. The candidate is not financially responsible to Stone & Associates.
Will my salary be less because the employer has paid a fee?
No, the salary for each position is approved by the client/employer and designed to attract top talent in each market. The fee is paid from a separate recruitment budget.
I am worried about confidentiality of my search. What guarantee of confidentiality is provided to the candidate?
Stone & Associates promises that a candidate’s name or resume will be held in the strictest of confidence. We will not give out your name or resume without first gaining your verbal agreement. Stone & Associates never conducts “blanket” emailing campaigns of resumes.

Candidates often compromise their own confidentiality by using their work email to conduct a job search or by using multiple recruiters.
What is expected of me in order to work with Stone & Associates?
• Be truthful and honest in presenting your background
• Return phone calls to us as soon as possible and definitely within 24 hours
• Provide us with the best way to reach you
• Follow through with your all of your interview commitments and call Stone & Associates after each interview with your interview debriefing.
• Agreement not to consider counter-offers once you have received an acceptable job offer from our client employers.
Can you assist me with the negotiation of my salary and benefits package?
Yes. Usually Stone & Associates has a liaison-role with the client/employer and our search consultant is working towards a “win-win” relationship for both the employer and the candidate. The employer wants to know what it will reasonably take to get the employee. The employee wants to know that they are hired at fair market value for their skills, knowledge and experience. The Stone & Associate recruiter is skilled at bringing these two together for a successful hire.