January 14, 2016

A Vision is a picture of the future to which you can commit.  It is an articulation of your values.  It is what inspires you to do your job.  It allows you to contribute new actions or ideas.  Create different Visions for both your personal and professional life.


Begin by creating an encompassing Vision for your current lifestyle.  In order to do this effectively you must go beyond where you think you can go.  From where you are, you may only be able to see small pieces of the whole.  Now, try to expand your view to include your entire future.  See all of the people in your life, your job responsibilities and the amazing possibilities.


When you attempt to create a Vision you may want to consider the following.

  • A Vision is something worth working toward.
  • A Vision engages your heart and spirit.
  • A Vision is simple.
  • A Vision is a living document that can be expanded.
  • A Vision addresses concerns and needs.
  • A Vision by definition is unclear and grand.
  • A Vision is based on two human needs, quality and dedication.
  • A Vision is a great starting place for something bigger later.



Your Vision will be unique and it will be your own.  When creating your Vision, dare to take risks and aim high.  Reach for what you really want for your future and don’t look back.  Your goal is to identify your true needs and then try to discover your hopes and goals.  If it touches you personally and it resonates what your needs are, you will then have created a successful Vision!

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