Tom Brady's Key to Success

Tom Brady’s Key to Success

March 13, 2019

It’s no secret that Tom Brady is a successful person in the spotlight. He’s a favourite for many fantasy football teams (discover more information right here). He recently gave a statement talking about how he handles the stress and excitement of football games. People questioned him on his methods of staying calm when there’s so much going on around him.

Brady gave 5 important words that he uses in his life. “One play at a time” are five words that make the difference between his success and failure. Here are a few reasons why these words matter.

The Power of Focus

These words can serve as a mantra in anyone’s life. Regardless of how someone views this statement, you can’t deny that these words are powerful. They bring focus and perspective in life situations.

While you may not have a busy football career, chances are you deal with stressful situations every day. Taking life events “one play at a time” trains your brain to slow down and focus on one situation at a time.

You CAN Shut Out Fear of Failure

Life is stressful enough without the added fear of failure. If you’re constantly worried that you’ll fail, you’ll have a hard time pressing forward. If you don’t press forward, you’ll never reach your goals.

Choosing to take things “one play at a time” forces you to check your goals. Take time to celebrate each milestone regardless of how small it is. Determine to keep moving forward no matter how afraid you are.

Dealing With Emotional Balance

These five words help you manage your emotions and learn from your mistakes. Don’t let yourself believe you can’t keep trying. Use these words to motivate you toward success and away from failure.

If you’re the type of person that slows down in stressful situations, stop and focus on “one play at a time.” Let those words motivate your pace and accomplish whatever tasks you have.

Learn From Past Mistakes

A big difference between success and failure is learning from your past mistakes. Focusing on “one play at a time” helps you avoid the same mistake and succeed the next time. It’s important to live in the present and not focus on past mistakes.

The most successful people analyze their mistakes and try again until they succeed. They don’t stop when something goes wrong. They press forward toward their goals.

Try using these five words in your life to move you away from failure and toward success.

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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