Things Your Business Can Do Right Now During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Things Your Business Can Do Right Now During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Do you own a business and have found yourself struggling during the coronavirus outbreak? It can be a tiring and scary time trying to figure out what to do right now. We are finding ourselves having to shut our business doors or even work on limited staff. That doesn’t mean bills and responsibilities stop also. But, there are some things that your business can do right now during the pandemic.

  1. Work Remotely

Do you have a business that is able to work from home? This may be a great option even when we get back to normal. Send your employees home to work remotely. You need to figure out a good routine and plan for your employees. Such as what time to be online working and answering phones. Without a schedule in place, it will be very easy for your employees to get off track.

  1. Continue Having Work Meetings

All those work meeting schedules need to be rescheduled. To keep your staff and others’ health in the best interest, you need to limit the interaction between people as we start to reopen. If possible, hold your meetings virtually as we move forward. It’s a good option to still be able to keep the workflow going. If it is at all possible for you to keep your business running while practicing social distancing, do it.

  1. Consider Daily Life Changes

Try to remember that a lot of your employees are parents. All the schools are currently closed and some with uncertain dates of when they are going back. Some colleges have already announced the cancellation of in person classes in the fall. Not everyone has a family member close to watch their kids. Right now social distancing is so important and a lot of people aren’t going to want to take their children to childcare services. Being flexible with your employees who have obligations with children is very important in times like these.

These are a few of the things that you can do to help your employees and yourself through the coronavirus outbreak. Just try to keep in mind that we are all just trying to figure this out. No one has been through this before, or knows the exact correct answer. Have compassion and patience as much as possible.  Stay safe!

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