The Two Main Keys To Hiring (and Managing) Success

The Two Main Keys To Hiring (and Managing) Success

November 18, 2020

All manner of strategies and theories are bantered about regarding the best ways in which to hire top talent, as well as the best ways to manage that talent once it’s on your team.  However, if you were to boil all of those strategies down, you’d discover that there are two elements at the core of each one.  (If they’re successful strategies, that is.  There are plenty that are not.)

Those two elements are engaging in effective communication and the setting of clear expectations.

Actually, when you think about it, these elements are integral to success in just about any and every endeavor that includes human interaction . . . from the workplace to marriage.  The fact that they cross such situational barriers is an indication of the importance that must be placed upon them when hiring and managing the best employees available.

Hiring candidates

Let’s address the hiring process first, since it’s first in terms of chronological order.  We’ll examine both elements as they pertain to the process.

Effective communication At the heart of effective communication is the ability to convey exact meaning to the other person.  Most miscommunications that occur are the result of not enough information as opposed to the wrong information.  That’s why you should attempt to “over communicate.”  That usually ensures that you’re communicating just enough.  That being said, the candidate should be aware of all aspects related to their participation in the interview process.

Clear expectations This refers to what the candidate would be expected to accomplish in the position you’re seeking to fill; in other words, their job description. Explicitly state what will be expected from the individual, on all levels, and make sure that there is no confusion regarding any details.

Managing employees

Once the candidate becomes an employee, it doesn’t stop there.  Failure to continually address both of these key elements can have disastrous consequences.  On the flip side of the equation, proper attention to them can help to increase retention rates.

Effective communication As you might expect, these elements become even more important once the person is an employee and not just a candidate, because now their performance affects the company’s bottom line.  In this case, effective communication is consistent communication.  Each employee must be touched on a consistent basis for the purpose of exchanging vital information.  This could take the form of a regular meeting schedule, or it might not.

Clear expectationsEmployees who are unsure of what they should be doing, or more importantly, what exactly is expected of them, are the productivity equivalent of a ticking time bomb.  Not only should they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what they are expected to do, they should also know why it’s important.  This helps to further engage the employee in their job, once again increasing retention.

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~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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