Roadmap For Leaders On Building A Successful Upskilling Program

Roadmap For Leaders On Building A Successful Upskilling Program

April 11, 2022

Upskilling is a long-term approach to employee development of skills, knowledge, and competencies to further advance career goals. Upskilling will give your company an edge by developing your in-house team’s skills as per the business needs. This will enable you to fill open roles quicker and at a lower cost than hiring new employees.

Assess the problem and formulate a plan of action

Start by holding open discussions with important stakeholders including senior executives, HR leaders, and employee reps. How optimistic are business executives about their company’s future and their employees’ prospective mobility? What sorts of talents are required – simple technical abilities, general digital-savvy skills, or soft skills such as team leadership and effective communication?

Create a skill development strategy

Many upskilling programs provide insufficient training and short-term results. Analytic workforce planning tools may help you forecast the influence of innovative technologies on your organization, as well as the cost savings that automation will bring, the types of new skills that will be required, and the number of months or years it will take for these changes to occur.

Counsel Individual employees 

Employee concerns may be alleviated by a thoughtful evaluation program that includes personal coaching and counseling, which will help them advance their professional growth. Assess potential workers’ abilities, track their progress, and inquire about their personal and professional goals. Individual workers need to feel in control of their own career trajectory.

Thus, every component of the strategic upskilling project, from expenses (which climbs substantially if employees are unable to satisfy their new job requirements) to employee perspective and motivation, is influenced by the quality, value, and efficiency of the training experience. When training incorporates modern technologies such as robotic processes, artificial intelligence, smart warehouses, or digital manufacturing, the quality of the curriculum is very crucial. Ensure clarity about the upskilling initiative’s goal and objectives, as well as the specific skills that will need to be cultivated and your upskilling program will be successful.

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