Learning New Skills For A Changing Economy

Learning New Skills For A Changing Economy

December 29, 2020

Right now, things are very strange and unknown to everyone. Many have lost their jobs and are looking for new ones. Most have left a job that they have been at for years, to pursue something else for reasons pertaining to the pandemic.

When the economy had to stop services that were given by many places that couldn’t social distance, that put a very large amount of people out of a job. Not everyone has other job skills that they can fall back on to get them through this uneasy time. So many people had to rely on unemployment to pay their bills and put food on the table. Glenn Youngskin came up with a program that may help this situation.

Learn A Skill or Two

When the economy shut down due to the Coronavirus, there were hopes of it opening back up shortly. That has not been the case. Many businesses had to shut down completely. People who work in a specific trade may have trouble finding work.

If your job was shut down due to Covid-19 it’s probably because you work with the public closely. Meaning that if this virus continues to pursue, you may experience many openings and closings throughout this process. That is not a reliable way to make an income.

How The Program Works

With the recent explosion of unemployed individuals and companies needing employees, something needed to be done. When people search for job opportunities, they may come across many that they don’t have the right qualifications for. Maybe it is still something that interests you though.

This is where this program can help you gain the right skills and certifications you need to apply for that job. With the options that are already available to people through many community colleges, it kind of just all made sense and worked out.

The Benefits

This is an awesome opportunity for the public to take advantage of. When you are unemployed and needing work, sometimes you just don’t have the skills that are needed. With this available for people to take advantage of, they can gain those skills.

Just like any other job interview or hiring process, the job is not guaranteed to you. This just gives you the skills and knowledge you need to get that job. Making it more accessible to you.

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