How To Navigate Your Business Through The Coronavirus Outbreak

How To Navigate Your Business Through The Coronavirus Outbreak

May 5, 2020

Times right now are uncertain with our businesses. The COVID-19 virus has left everyone reaching every option to keep their business running. While we understand social distancing and “Safer at Home” are the right choices to make for the population, it is still hard. Everything is shutting down and hitting our economy hard. There are a few things you can do to navigate your business through the coronavirus outbreak.

Stay Informed

It is very important to keep your staff as informed as possible. Everything is changing at a very fast pace. Trying to stay informed and up to date can be tricky sometimes. Your business may be one that is able to stay open right now but by the end of the day, they’ve decided you need to close.

Keep Your Staff Up-To-Date

You don’t want to just assume that your employees have all the information they need. Just because they can watch the news or go online to read it. It doesn’t mean that they know what the future holds for their job. You as the owner or manager of the company needs to make sure you are taking the time to sit down and communicate with your staff.

Make out a schedule of specific times that you and your staff will sit down to discuss important topics. It will allow you to inform and update them on where things are with the business. Information is changing from minute to minute on guidelines to follow.

Make a Plan

When everything with the media is fast-paced and changing minute by minute. Be proactive and make a plan for your business for COVID-19. You and your employees will greatly appreciate it. By doing this, you are making it possible for your employees to plan ahead.

Work Remotely

If you’re able to allow your employees to work from home, help them make a schedule. Be clear on what you expect them to accomplish at home. Write out what time they need to start work, and what they need to get done during the day. Also, help them navigate how they need to communicate with clients.

Communicate With Your Team

Make sure everyone understands all the protocols for your business. Make it easily accessible during these trying times when people are panicked. Communicate with them and make sure they understand what role they play. All in all, everyone is scared and uncertain. Try to help each other out and stay in communication about the business.

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