How The Heart-Brain Connect Can Help You Improve Decision Making

How The Heart-Brain Connect Can Help You Improve Decision Making

April 7, 2020

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “follow your brain, not your heart.” For years we’ve been told that your brain makes logical decisions while our heart makes decisions based on emotions. However, recent studies show that the heart has a mind of its own and business leaders are trying to figure out how to control it!

Does Your Heart Have a Mind Of Its Own?

For the better part of human history, it’s been widely accepted that the heart receives signals from the brain. Scientists later discovered that the heart has a complex communication system that sends more messages to the brain than vice-versa. More importantly, these scientists found that the heart communicates with the brain in ways that significantly affect how we react to the world.


The heart sends messages to the brain in four different ways: via nerve impulses, hormones, pulse waves, and energetic communication methods. Scientists have begun to call the heart the ‘heart brain’ because the heart is so intelligent and communicative. How can business leaders take advantage of this information?

How Can Business Leaders Control the ‘Heart Brain’?

If the heart has an intelligent mind of its own, how big of a factor does it play in our day-to-day decision-making? Strengthening the communication between the heart and mind will allow you to make choices with more clarity and certainty. Scientists and neuro-radiologists believe that you can tap into the power of the heart organ f

or better decision-making with simple exercises.

One of the better exercises to begin practicing requires you to only ask yourself two simple questions. The first question being ‘what emotion am I feeling right now?” This question helps us better understand and process the emotions we feel. The second question is “How do I want to feel?” This allows us to be in better control of how we dictate our emotions.

If how you feel doesn’t align with how you want to feel, focus on a positive emotion you’d prefer and thin

g of things that make you feel that emotion. For example, if you want to feel inspired, think back to a moment when you were inspired.

The ‘Heart Brain’

In recent years, science has proven that the heart is much more important than we previously believed. Your heart is as intelligent as your brain and is capable of making decisions and channeling emotions. Business leaders should do all they can to become in-tune with their ‘heart brain’.

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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