How Managers Can Help Employees Set Meaningful Goals

How Managers Can Help Employees Set Meaningful Goals

June 22, 2022

Employee goal-setting is a crucial responsibility for company managers/leaders. By setting measurable and attainable goals, a manager can guide improvement in employee performance and actively help strengthen the business and enhance its reputation as an employer of choice.

Here are some suggestions to set goals in the workplace:

  1. Guide Employees on how they can have an Influence

Present the company’s main goals over six months, and encourage your team members to share their knowledge and ideas on how they can assist the company in achieving these objectives.

Managers should avoid creating these for their employees. Let each employee create the goal based on the company’s mission and assist them along the way. Help employees focus on their goals and utilize their competencies.

  1. Discover Common Ground Between Employee and Business Goals

Encourage employees to discuss their own goals and consider how working towards them can help the company achieve its goals, according to Jennifer Tardy, CEO of Jennifer Tardy Consulting LLC, located in Bowie, Md. When you have a one-on-one discussion, encourage employees to think about ways to utilize the interest or skill they’re trying to improve to fill in a gap within the team. Let them consider how their interests might be a good fit for the workplace.

  1. Help Employees accomplish their Goals

Allowing employees to work towards their goals is a part of great company culture. Encourage employees to break down their goals into small-scale achievements or milestones, which should be celebrated.

If a goal isn’t met, don’t simply put it on the following year’s list. Instead, it is essential to determine why the goal wasn’t met and then discuss how to modify the goal/purpose to ensure it will become achievable.

  1. Show Employees the Advantage of Reaching a Goal

Anne Shoemaker (Executive Woman’s Coach in Greensboro, NC) said, encouraging employees to consider how achieving a goal could make their lives better. Perhaps they’ll be more confident, acquire new skills, or even earn recognition. “Help your employees see the end goal not as an endpoint, but the start of something that can be different and better for them,” she said.

Goals can help employees align with the mission of the organization. They also aid employees in seeing how their contribution fits the bigger picture and what impact they have on the business. Goals guide and direct employee efforts, inspire performance, enhance performance evaluation and strategic planning. Without proper goals, performance and engagement will suffer.

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