Harvest Word Of Mouth

Harvest Word Of Mouth

March 31, 2021

Surveys often show that most businesses get most of their new customers from word of mouth. When one satisfied customer tells a friend about you, it is the most potent and powerful advertising you can get. Here are some things that create good word of mouth for your business, product, service, or idea.

* Put a bit of surprise in your product or service. If people are surprised at the quality you provide, they will tell others.

* You can get the same result by surprising customers with your speed, friendly service, or expert information.

* Do something nice for your community. Sponsor a clean-up program, help a disadvantaged group, come to the rescue of a child or family in the news.

* People notice and see you as a force for good in the community. You get visibility, credibility, and public goodwill that often results in better sales (not to mention the satisfaction of doing a good deed.)

* Give a trial product or service to opinion leaders like experts, journalists, managers, and consultants. They will spread the word for you.

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