Free Job Seeker Webinar-Re-THINK Your Job Search

Free Job Seeker Webinar-Re-THINK Your Job Search

August 19, 2014

Topic: Re-THINK Your Job Search – Starting with a great question: What Can I Achieve in my job search?

Date: Wednesday, August 20th 
Time: 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Are you committed to “REACHING FOR EXCELLENCE”? Everyone has the potential to accomplish their goals in the year ahead.

This webinar is empowering and offers you an opportunity to have “huge breakthroughs” in your thinking. It’s filled with insights that will support you to shift your mindset wherever you’ve experienced being limited in the past!

I am committed that you do something positive for yourself…because YOU MATTER! Let’s start with a commitment toward an improved future- NOW!

There is so much happening in our lives today that is doesn’t take much to knock us off track. This is where we lose valuable time and energy.YOU ARE THE POWER SOURCE IN YOUR LIFE!

This webinar teaches you to take your power back on your job search and everywhere in your life!

• Learn how you can use simple systems that allow you to be effective on your job search using a proven process that can turn any frustration and obstacle into an opportunity – on the spot!
• Learn tips to have a record year including getting back to work FAST!
• Learn how to create a “world class” personal plan
• Learn how to put accountability into place immediately! Deadlines get us to move our feet!

I am convinced more than ever that a fantastic mindset, effective tools plus solid accountability is the best combination for rising above the day-to-day feeling of struggle and powerlessness.

Are you ready to Re-THINK Your Job Search? I am committed that we all reach for EXCELLENCE starting right NOW!

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