Focus More On Productivity Than Hours Worked

Focus More On Productivity Than Hours Worked

August 25, 2021

Do you have set working hours for your employees? Regular business hours look something like 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or could be 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Many times employees are needed past those regular business hours. This can become stressful and overwhelming for them. Here are some ways to focus more on the productivity of your employees rather than the number of hours they are working.

Communicate With Your Employees Regularly

One of the most important aspects of someone’s personal and business life is communication. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, it will be done more effectively when there is communication. You don’t want to put stress and anxiety on one of your employees, as this can lead to lessening the effectiveness of their job.

Simply checking in with your employees regularly to see where they are can help can go a long way. This also gives them the chance to ask any questions they may have. To be more proactive and start the conversation, think about asking questions such as:

* Are you comfortable with this assignment?

* Do you have any concerns about your work?

* Do you need help with completing your assignment?

* Can I help in any way?

* Do you need more resources?

Have A Rotation System

The nature of the job that your employees are performing is important to keep in mind. If you have employees performing high-demand jobs that will eventually take a toll on their mental health, you need to rotate them. Allow them a period of time that they can perform a less taxing job.

Help Your Employees Prioritize Their Time

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Employees can benefit from a bit of help prioritizing their workload. A little insight from you can help them know what needs to be done first and how to get it done on time. Try and use a system that shows them what order you want the work done. Label the assignments as: Urgent, Pivotal, Moderate, or Low.

Disperse Work Evenly To Avoid Overload

It is so easy to overwork a reliable employee. You have some employees who you know will perform effectively and thoroughly. This happening time in and time out can make a negative impact on that employee. It is always important to disperse work evenly to avoid overloading your employees.

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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