Exceptional Leaders Provide Their Undivided Attention

Exceptional Leaders Provide Their Undivided Attention

February 11, 2016

All of us have been in another person’s office and had them timeshare while conversing with us. They are checking their email, reading or shuffling papers, or even answering the phone. What message is that person giving us by doing this? Is effective communication really occurring?

Exceptional Leaders give undivided attention to the person with whom they are conversing. When they do, they are conveying non-verbally that the other person is valuable and that what they have to say is important.  This fulfills two basic needs that all of us have; to feel important and to be treated with dignity. Without showing this respect to others, leaders lose considerable respect and effectiveness.

Exceptional Leaders understand that not providing their undivided attention can lead to breakdowns in understanding and full communications.

Thought Provoker

  • How really effective is your communication with another when you time share during a conversation?
  • Do you shut off your blackberry or iPhone during one-on-one and group meetings?
  • Are you distracted and do you do other tasks when on conference calls?
  • Do you consciously decide to focus on the other person when the conversation begins? Do you set up your work environment so that you can focus, such as by turning off email alarms?
  • Do you show respect by truly focusing on what others have to say in the present moment?

Exceptional Leaders don’t time share in the midst of a conversation with another person. Doing so is just plain rude.


~ Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.

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