Exceptional Leaders...Masterly Manage Change

Exceptional Leaders…Masterly Manage Change

June 11, 2014


Leaders initiate change in order to meet current and future demands of the organization. Exceptional Leaders know that how they manage change can influence the bottom line, either negatively or positively. They know that whenever an important change occurs, a natural human emotional and psychological process occurs. This includes:

  • Denial and disbelief
  • Resistance
  • Exploration
  • Recommitment

The leader’s role is to help others accelerate through the change process and to positively impact organizational performance. When others are in denial and disbelief, leaders communicate masterfully and repeatedly.

Resistance can be grounded in fear. Others say it won’t work. They stall out. There are complaints. Exceptional Leaders manage the resistance of others by honoring where they are in the change process. They listen, listen, and listen. They allow others to express concerns and to make modifications based on relevant feedback.

Once others are heard, they are ready then to explore options in creating a new future. Leaders facilitate that process. When a shared future is agreed upon, associates are ready to recommit to the new beginning.

Exceptional Leaders manage change by helping others move through the change process and as a result maximize organizational performance and profitability.

~ Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.



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