Effectively Overcome Objections

Effectively Overcome Objections

November 4, 2015

The greatest challenge you will face in your job search is rejection. Interviewing is “sales” and rejection is part of the process. It is important you do not take rejection personally. Learn from each experience and fine tune your job search skills.

It is important to know objections are buying signs, a request for more information. There are four kinds of objections:

  1. Personal (your personality, attitude)
  2. Postponement (delay tactic)
  3. Price (salary/benefit issues)
  4. Service (your skills/experience)


If you know what KIND of objection you are given, you can easily overcome the objection. If you’ve received objections that you have NOT been able to overcome in the past, write down what type of objection you received.

When you get an objection, this person wants you to overcome their objection and give them a reason to hire you. They are requesting you to give them more information. Let’s review some examples of the four objections.

“I need someone with a higher energy level”


  • That is why I was so valuable to my past employers. My performance reviews and references all refer to my high energy level.
  • I don’t have much interviewing experience and I think my nerves might be masking my high energy level and hard work ethic.
  • If you asked my past co-workers to describe me, they would say I was highly energetic.
  • I may not come across as a person with high energy, but I’ve always been able to outperform my co-workers because of my focus and hard work ethic.


“I will get back to you when we have interviewed all candidates”


  • Can you tell me how I rank among the candidates you have interviewed?
  • Do I have the skills and experience you feel would qualify me for this position?
  • When would it be appropriate for me to follow-up with you?
  • What is your target date to hire?


You then build off the answers to these questions to sell yourself.

“I’m not sure we can meet your salary requirements”


  • I’m going to look at the entire package, salary, benefits, etc.
  • I listed my salary as negotiable. What is the salary range for this position?
  • I’m extremely interested in working for your company and my salary requirements are flexible.
  • Do I have the skills and experience you need?


“I’m looking for someone with more experience”


  • I have been able to obtain 5 years of experience in my 3 years because of the additional responsibilities placed on me very early in my career.
  • Do I have the skills and attitude you need?
  • I am very interested in working for your company, and I’m extremely confident in my abilities to perform the tasks of your opportunity.


When you overcome objections, you have greatly increased the possibility of you getting a job offer. Remember, objections ARE requests for more information.

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