Do You Know Your Leadership Style?

Do You Know Your Leadership Style?

December 14, 2021

When you are in a leadership position, such as a company CEO, it is a big deal. Everyone has their style and way of playing out their leadership role. Do you know what style of leadership you possess?

What Are Leadership Styles?

Did you know that being a leader isn’t done in just one simple way? Everyone has their personality, thoughts, and actions that they will use to play their role as a leader. There are seven different leadership styles, and listed below are a couple of them and what they mean.

Coaching Leadership

When you lead with a coaching technique, it can be very valuable to your business. This skill will help you to develop your team of employees and teach them new ways. One of the strong points you have is the ability to see the strengths and weaknesses in people. You understand the value in growing your company and know that you have to set a good example.

Autocratic Leadership

With an autocratic leader, you are good at listening to the needs of your employees. Communication is a big part of how you do business. You believe in running a very structured establishment in order to run your business efficiently.

Servant Leadership

The skills of listening to your employees and making them feel heard are your strong point. You enjoy being a part of the community and working directly with people. A servant leader is understanding and considerate of others’ development.

Democratic Leadership

As a democratic leader, you value trust and reliability. These leaders want to hear the opinions and explanations that the employees have. You appreciate what they have to say and let them be a part of the decisions that are made.

Laissez-Faire Leadership

A laissez-faire leader has big ideas and a lot of potential. Your way of leading is through trusted and reliable employees. The team is encouraged to work independently to accomplish their tasks. If help is needed, they can find it, but you are not a hovering leader.

How To Grow Your Leadership Skills

If the way that you are leading your team is not working, do what it takes to make it work. Ask your employees what their opinions are and what they feel needs to improve. Use trial and error to find what method works best to motivate your workers. It is all about finding what works for everyone involved.

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