Company Culture

Company Culture

June 3, 2016

If you have been running a company for any length of time, you understand that company culture is difficult to change. You likely inherited a certain culture when you stepped into the role of CEO. Once a culture is determined, it takes time and intentionality to change it.

Company Culture is Generally Resistant to Change

We are all resistant to change at the start. It is only when we have a true understanding of how things can be better through the change that we get on board.

Your employees should have one-on-one meetings with managers. The managers need to share with them the weekly reports to help them understand the needs of the business. Likewise, the CEO should be addressing the company monthly to share insights.

Make sure that employees feel comfortable enough with their leaders to share their insights into the company.

The Marketplace and Your Customers Change Too Quickly

The marketplace changes quickly, and so do your customers. That is why it is important that businesses make sure they are prepared to make necessary changes.

Put in place an intentional approach to customer reconnaissance. It is important that you stay flexible in whatever approach you take. You should always challenge the assumptions you make about your customers and test your theories.

Difficulty Forecasting Problem Areas Before They Surface

Problems will rise in all businesses. It is best to have a plan in place before the problems surface. One of the best ways to get a beat on the problems that could come up, a CEO should be meeting weekly with all direct reports.

Managers should be rewarded for employee retention. This will give them the motivation to make sure they are doing everything needed to keep staff satisfied.

Open lines of communication always help when it comes to cutting down on problems in a company.

Difficulty Diagnosing the Real Problems or Obstacles to Growth

Even when lines of communication are open, sometimes it can be difficult to articulate what the problems are. This means a company needs to be intentional and willing to uncover and identify problems.

Sometimes, a CEO needs to be open to the advice of outside sources. It is imperative to get the perspective of a third party sometimes.

When it comes to your business, culture plays a huge role in the success of the company. You should put time and energy in making sure that changes are made when necessary.



~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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