Communication Basics

Communication Basics

September 7, 2022

A large percentage of a person’s day is spent communicating with other people such as customers, employees, and managers. This communication can be in person, on the phone or in writing. Even your body communicates a message when you haven’t said a word. Being able to communicate effectively is an important skill that can be learned.

Some of the basic communication skills are:

  1. Use statements such as “I need …”, “I feel”, or “I want” to show ownership of your message.
  2. Be complete and specific with your message. Define your expectations. Don’t expect others to guess or anticipate what you need or want.
  3. Be sure that your verbal and nonverbal messages are consistent. If you look angry but sound happy, you will confuse the emotion you are trying to express.

4. Be redundant. Present your message in more than one format to be sure that everyone “gets it”.

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