Attract Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

Attract Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

July 13, 2017

Top candidates don’t typically have to apply for jobs anymore. Rather, Recruiters flock to them because of their unforgettable and noteworthy LinkedIn profiles. Why spin your wheels applying for positions online? A well written LinkedIn profile will take care of that for you! However, writing isn’t everyone’s strong point and some just need help on the basics of how to write a killer bio for LinkedIn, which is made available by Jill Townsend. Once you’ve got the basic layout and advice down, you can move onto the tips below!

Be proactive and do the following so Recruiters searching on LinkedIn for top talent can find you.

  1. Boolean Searches

Recruiters often use Boolean searches to locate relevant LinkedIn profiles. The following example shows how someone could search the backend of LinkedIn to find candidates with specific talents and experience.

For instance, a Recruiter looking for someone with accounting and financial reporting experience may use a Boolean search like the following:

(“Financial Accountant”) AND (CPA) AND (“Financial Reporting”)

If you have a targeted LinkedIn profile utilizing the most popular Keywords, then you should show up on the first page when someone runs a search for those keywords. If not, you’ve got some work to do on your LinkedIn profile.

Integrate those three Keywords (Financial Accountant, CPA, and Financial Reporting) in these sections:

  • Headline under your name
  • Summary
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Tagline Position Matters
  • Recruiters are busy, and they skim quickly when browsing LinkedIn profiles. Make sure you save them some time by inserting your tagline directly under your name. Eliminate the guesswork and showcase your skill sets clearly for them to see. They’ll thank you for it by contacting you.

    1. Your Summary Says it All

    An impressive summary will wow recruiters. Quantify your accomplishments, be specific, so recruiters will know you are a top candidate.

    Consider using the following Summary template:

    I’m a certified (keyword) with (X) years of experience in (keyword). My expertise lies in (keyword) developed through (your experience and development track).

    Proficient in: (list any software, tasks and special skill sets)

    Utilizing this template, you’ll be able to showcase your skills and give recruiters the information they want.

    One bonus tip. A recent headshot can give your LinkedIn page an additional sense of professionalism. Try reaching out to a portrait photographer if you do not yet have a suitable image to use on your profile.

    1. Credibility to Your Profile

    Work to create a credible profile with glowing recommendations from people that have worked with you before. These recommendations should reflect the accomplishments and experience you showcase in your profile. Recruiters want to hear more about your experience from tried and true stories of past supervisors and co-workers. You’ll look more credible if you have the input from others.

    1. Quantify Your Results

    Quantifying your results will help you to stand out over others that who simply list their roles and responsibilities under experience.

    Be specific: Saved Company XYZ $50,000 by ABC (explain exactly how you did this!)

    Don’t just say: Saved Company XYZ money.

    The more specific Keywords you sprinkle throughout your profile, the more attractive you’ll be to Recruiters scouring LinkedIn for the perfect match.

    ~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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