Are You Thriving At Working Remotely?

Are You Thriving At Working Remotely?

December 7, 2021

The past year and a half have given many people the opportunity to experience remote work life. Some have loved it, and some have hated it. Which one are you? If you have thrived and love working remotely, how have you been able to accomplish it?

Full-Time Remote or Hybrid

Many companies were only remote for a short period, while others continued for the greater part of a whole year. Some companies have turned to staying remote, and some have created a hybrid schedule. It has been highly beneficial for many people to work this type of schedule. People have found it allows them a little more flexibility in their schedule and getting more done. Working this type of schedule does require you to be a little more focused and organized.

Create A Good Routine and Schedule To Follow

It can be very distracting to work from home. Especially if you’re working hours are during the time of day that other family members are home. The daily tasks and chores that need to be done around your house are more in your face, and you may find yourself constantly leaving the desk to fold laundry. By creating a specific schedule and routine to follow, you can help yourself stay more on task. Just as if you were going into the office, you need to have specific hours you sit down to work. You can’t fold the laundry while at work, so you can’t do it during specified working hours at home either.

Stay Connected and Show Reports

Communication is key when you are working from home. It is essential that you can show progress reports and data to show what you have been working on. This shows our dedication and ability to stay on task while working remotely. It is a way for you and your fellow co-workers to stay connected and focuse d on the same goal.

Include Yourself In Regular Meetings

With technology these days, you can be in a meeting happening inside the workplace from the comfort of your home. Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are all platforms that allow you to be a visual part of meetings. If there hasn’t been a meeting recently, request one with your manager to touch base and stay in the loop.

Enjoy What You Do

If remote work has been something you enjoy and do well at, do what you can to continue. Show your company that you can stay on track and up-to-date, and make sureto initiate some of the communication lines.

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