Are Any Of These Staffing Issues A Challenge For Your Company?

Are Any Of These Staffing Issues A Challenge For Your Company?

December 10, 2015

Every company faces the same basic staffing challenges. Of course, there are particulars for every industry, but these are a few things you can guarantee that you will need to deal with as a business owner, CEO, or HR professional.

Employee Turnover Rate
The turnover rate in your business will certainly depend on different factors. It is important to ask yourself if you have these things in place:

  • Management development program
  • Aggressive training program
  • Communications program
  • Employee feedback and employee experience


Many people chose to leave their place of employment for a lack of one of these areas. Either they do not feel qualified for their position, or possibly they feel too qualified to do the job. Others struggle because they do not feel that their opinion is valued.

Work to get these areas covered in order to keep your turnover rate to a minimum.

Hiring Quality Staff
Most business owners say that they struggle to find the right staff for their position. Many applicants lack the skills needed for the job, and others do not have the right personality to fit in with the team.

You need to determine whether or not you have these things lined up in order to find and hire the best employees.

  • Do you have a clearly defined job description?
  • What is your hiring process? Is it organized and efficient?
  • Are your hiring managers able to spot top talent?
  • What has your company defined as an exceptional employee?
  • Have you benchmarked the position?

With these things in place, you have a better chance of identifying the best person for your company.

Staff Morale
Once you get the right employees in the door and keep them around, it is important to make certain office morale is a top priority. A satisfied employee can quickly grow weary of the job if the conditions of the workplace go down.

Here are some things you should implement in order to keep the morale high or boost low morale in the office.

  • Recognize employees for their contributions
  • Put a management plan in place
  • Conduct one-on-ones with each person
  • Empower employees to make decisions that will benefit the customers.


When a staff member feels that they play an important role in the team, the morale in the company will go up.

Each of these areas should be addressed and tightened up to ensure that your business runs effectively.


~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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