3 Bad Management Ideas You Should Throw Out Immediately

3 Bad Management Ideas You Should Throw Out Immediately

February 10, 2021

Everyone can agree that being in a management position comes with a lot of responsibilities. It can also bring on stress and anxiety. Having a good relationship on a professional level, with employees, can help things run more smoothly. People will tend to work harder and more efficiently when they feel heard and valued.

Businesses will hit roadblocks and be presented with issues when management is running the wrong way. Sometimes it is hard to find the line between being personable and over the top when it comes to being in a management position. Here is a list of some things that you should try to focus on not doing as a manager.

  1. Always Micro-Managing

It is your job as the manager to keep things on track and make sure jobs are getting done. But, if you spend all day going behind everyone making sure their job is done the way you want it, your employees may feel that you don’t trust them to do their jobs. If your employees feel that they are trusted to do their job and you believe in them, this will result in them giving you better results on their work.

  1. Bad Communication

Communication is the key for things running smoothly. If someone doesn’t understand the job they are supposed to do, they can’t give it their best effort. It is imperative that your employees feel comfortable coming to you to ask questions if they are confused. As their manager, you should strive to create a communication-based environment because the mistakes truly begin without it.

It can help if you give positive feedback to them as they are doing their jobs. Such as encouragement when they are doing a good job on something. Even if some correction or change of direction is needed, doing so in a positive way can keep employees encouraged. Some ways to communicate with your employees are:

* Keep your employees in the loop

* Give the positive feedback (or negative if needed in a nice way)

* Make Expectations clear

  1. Lack of Humor

This may seem like a strange one to need for good management. Having a dry sense of humor can leave your employees stressed and uncomfortable when you are in the room. Humor can give the vibe that you are confident, personable, and approachable by people. You want your employees to be comfortable with you.

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved

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